Line The Alti line brings buoyancy to offices through suspended tables, which make the space more free for your legs. The cabinets, also suspended, complement the composition, bringing a clean concept to the workstation. Composed of: Suspended table, suspended cabinets with a sliding door and/or drawers, niches, socket/connector box, plastic or metal collar, ruler with […]


Line Privacy it is the focus of the Create line. With work platforms, desks and table devisers, it is a great line to compose places that need to be subdivided, without losing the style. Composed of: Straight tables, L-shaped tables, platforms, call centers, partitions for platforms made of glass, fabric, MDP, partition shelf for platform, […]

Joint Reunion

Line If anything can make a reunion more productive, it is the place where it happens. With various models of tables for meetings room, the JOINT line adapts to every kind of offices. Offering a lot of base, shapes and sizes options. Composed of: Meeting tables for offices, outlet box and gutters, TV panel and […]


Line Each element in its place. This is the motto of successful companies, whether in the home office or in large organizations. The Index Line helps in the organization of the office, offering options that fit in all types of environments. Composed of: Fixed and steering drawers for offices, low, medium, high and extra high […]


Line Do you want to enjoy every corner of your place and still decide the finish line of the furniture for your office? So your choice it is the Lineares of Avantti line. Everything is customized and ready to adapt to the space of your project. Composed of: Work desks for offices, cabinets for offices, […]


Line Having a differential line of products it is a great accomplishment. But having a differential line certificated by an institution it is even a bigger conquer. That is why our certificated line it is the guarantee that our products having been through a tough process of quality and adequation to the ANNT and NR17. […]


Line The furniture from build adds sobriety and refinement to your space, with functionality and excellence in design. They are perfect for corporate enviroment that require discretion and elegance. In adition, offers versatility and durability, making then ideal to atend the daily demands in a professional work enviroment. Composed of: Composite metalic estructures, cabinets of […]


Line The challenge of strategic decisions needs a line of chairs that accompanies the expectation of great responsibilities. The Magno Line of office chairs is the combination of superior quality and excellence in every detail. Composed of: President’s chair for offices – swivel with high back. Coated in simile leather. Mechanisms with recline and permanent […]


Line Do you know what the characteristics of an ergonomic chair are? It has a headrest option, has regular lumbar support, has an anatomical seat and still does it all with a beautiful design designed for business and home office environments. Composed of: Office chair with backrest that has a structure injected in nylon and […]


Line Ready to face the day-to-day operational challenges of any company. With swivel, approach and stringers versions, Meet Line office chairs combine comfort, functionality and excellent cost-benefit ratio. Composed of: Swivel office chair with headrest (optional) – high back, fabric seat and backrest with lumbar support. Syncron mechanisms, with locking in the working position and […]

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