Di B

Line Everything ready to renew the reception and brings more comfort for your company? With the Di B line, you have the upholstered options of one, two or three places. Ideal for receptions of every size. Besides that, the Di B line combines with events and still brings a differential touch to the environment Composed […]


Line Do you want to enjoy every corner of your place and still decide the finish line of the furniture for your office? So your choice it is the Lineares of Avantti line. Everything is customized and ready to adapt to the space of your project. Composed of: Work desks for offices, cabinets for offices, […]

Joint Reception

Line Some people think that the reception talks a lot about how their companies are. They are wrong. The reception talks everything about your company. That is why the Joint line, furniture for reception, offers options of attendant balconies with many finishing possibilities, turning your office more modern. Composed of: High and low counters for […]

Joint Colaborative Area

Line Brainstorms, meetings, online meetings and even the coffee break will have more colors with the almost 50 options of finishing in the more usual line of Avantti. The office furniture of the Joint Collaborative area stands out for its resistance and personality and is suitable for decompression and reception environments. Composed of: Office corner […]